Editorial column, no.18

Probably until now I have never starred so long into the screen, trying to write editor’s word. I thought of many different opening lines, however, nothing sounded suitable. Some close friends would say that I became a bit numb after becoming a dad again, because all these sleepless nights and sudden change of lifestyle left a big impact on me :). Luckily, a good organization and many interesting photographs and projects that we received enabled putting together of this issue much faster then usually. We even have a lot of materials ready for the next issue. I am especially delighted with this because it meant no stress and last minute actions, which left us enough time to upgrade some things to a higher level. Still, regardless how good planner you are, there are always some unexpected rules of nature that influence the editorial and which can always destabilize a bit something that is patiently being built. Therefore, some actions that we undertake may seem as an analog photographing where you never know what the end result will be like.

I would like to thank specially to the readers that write to us and send us their comments, so I find it necessary to give them some answers to the two questions we most commonly receive in our editorial. The first one is when BLUR will be published in print version? Never say never would be a good diplomatic answer to this question :). Still, I must admit how I was never overwhelmed with this idea since it would imply many compromises which would change BLUR into something completely different. Therefore, we continue with the same tempo and system, and time will tell if we need to do something else. My vision concerning BLUR was in line with development of technology and current economical situation, when print is no longer sustainable. Not to mention the ecological benefits of an online magazine. So, an online magazine and photo exhibitions, a good ratio of virtual and reality is our strategy we stick to also in the near future.

Other most frequent question was connected to transformation of old Bulb issues into PDF format. Due to limited team capacity, we are in no possibility to invest additional efforts into this action. However, we thought how an interesting compromising solution could be to establish a section Reprise in which we would publish some authors from previous Bulb issues, but refreshed with more and/or new photos. The first Reprise is available in this issue when you have the opportunity to see an interview with Denis Gržetić and portfolio of Tatjane Krstić. Enjoy.