Editorial column, no.16

robert-gojevicIt’s already two years since we started. Although we constantly face fast creation and even quicker disappearance of various instant magazines, we believe that our persistence is recognised by all true lovers of high quality photography. And we guarantee that this is only the beginning.

We began as a free internet magazine, and we plan to keep it that way due to numerous advantages: we avoid high cost of distribution fees, we cross all territorial borders and reach every single part of the world in the best way, free of charge. However, 2010 is the year of big changes for BLUR magazine and our Photography Association Creatus (F.U.C.) because, abstract internet world aside, it is for the first time that we wish to act realistically and tangibly. Therefore, led by the main mission of our association, we are trying to create more exhibition space in Croatia and we plan to organize and set up several exhibitions.

Our first steps were  a modest presentation of the founder of Croatian modern photography, Tošo Dabac, which was also the first online project making available the work of this great name in the world of photography and culture to everyone.

The Photography Association Creatus is involved today, whose members, among others, are Želimir Koščević (gallery Lang), Petar Dabac, Marina Benažić (Archive Tošo Dabac) and Iva Prosoli (Museum of city Zagreb), and who definitely know the work and life of Tošo Dabac best. Moreover, everything will be ‘spiced up’ with a special photography contest.

Recognitions and praises were unselfishly coming from different parts of the world, so besides being placed among 40 biggest and best online photo magazines in the world, BLUR magazine very soon became the exclusive media sponsor of The Impossible Project. This international collaboration granted us with the best possible birthday gift – organization of a big analogue photography exhibition entitled THE BEST POLAROID PHOTO. Apart from including the biggest ‘shoots’ of The Impossible Project into the contest, we will provide some really attractive prizes that will highlight, in the best way, the rebirth of instant analogue photography art.

To be honest, I never expected such splendid development and future for our project. We never lacked ambition, and I believe that we will continue to meet interesting people and collaborators who want to contribute to making photography world better.

In this optimistic mood, BLUR magazine wishes all readers from all around the world a Happy New Year!

Robert Gojević

POLAROID photo contest

The-Best-polaroid-photoBlur is proud to be the exclusive media sponsor of The Impossible Project, which is re-inventing analogue integral film for vintage Polaroid cameras in the former Polaroid factory in Enschede (the Netherlands).

The company of Polaroid stopped producing the instant film in June 2008, and the expiry date of the last films produced is 9 Oct 2009. After this, it will no longer be possible to purchase instant film – and Polaroid photography would thus be dead and gone forever.

But there is hope – The Impossible Project will launch new instant film materials in 2010. In the beginning of 2010, they will present a b&w analogue integral film for all SX70 and 600 camera models, and colour film will follow in summer, and by the end of 2010 they will bring Image film for Spectra cameras back.

To support this special photographic and artistic moment, Blur magazine, in collaboration with the Impossible Project, is organizing a big international contest of analogue instant photography under the name THE BEST POLAROID PHOTO.

The panel, consisting of leading team members of the Impossible Project and Blur magazine, will select 30 best photographs. These will be presented on the website of Blur, where readers can vote for the BEST POLAROID PHOTO. The five selected photographers will be awarded with attractive prizes, courtesy of the Impossible Project, and the best 30 photographs will be displayed in an exhibition in Zagreb.

More about the contest: http://old.blur-magazine.com/contest/

CONTEST – A gift from BLUR magazine

A gift from BLUR magazine – book of photographs “Marginalije”!

It is quite easy to participate! Just answer the question: In how many countries is BLUR magazine read? – and send us your answer via online submission. The fastest reader with the correct answer, or the closest to the correct number, will win the latest book by Stanko Abadžić “Marginalije”.

The contest is on from 1 Dec to 31 Dec 2009, and the lucky winner will be announced on BLUR web page and will be contacted via e-mail.

Send us your answers at:



Internet is a place of free promotion for every photographer. It is easy to use, the expenses are relatively low and it is the way to act ‘big’, without any territorial limits.

However, is this enough for any more ambitious, serious and successful photographer? Can photography be fully experienced over the monitor or one needs a high quality, big sized print out? Should such photographer also exhibit in galleries? And if so, should these galleries specialize in photography?

And this is where the following question pops up: What if this space doesn’t exist in your city? Who should take this into account? Is this only the responsibility of city halls and their departments for culture? Or do you believe that some people from photo industry, such as producers and distributors of photo equipment, specialized photo magazines, famous photographers, should get involved in solving this problem too?

Send your answers to vox@blur-magazine.com, and the best ones will be published in our next issue

Polaroid to re-launch Instant Cameras

The Impossible Project inspires Polaroid to re-launch Instant Cameras
Over the past 12 months, The Impossible Project has generated an incredible number of press reports, events and discussions about the fascination of Instant Photography, and particularly about its quest to keep this unique and captivating kind of photography alive – by re-inventing a new analog integral film for vintage Polaroid cameras.

Accomplishing this mission and running the former Polaroid plant in Enschede (NL), The Impossible Project is pleased to herewith announce a history-making cooperation between The Impossible Project and Polaroid: The new licensee of the Polaroid® Brand – The Summit Global Group – will relaunch some of the most famous Polaroid Instant Cameras and is therefore commissioning The Impossible Project to develop and produce a limited edition of Polaroid® branded Instant Films in the middle of 2010.

Summit Global held a press conference on 13th October 2009 in Hongkong, outlining their plans to re-produce some iconic Polaroid Instant Cameras and to bring them to the market in 2010 in a strategic relationship with The Impossible Project.

The Impossible Project is proud and excited that its ambitions and all the relentless work that has already been invested are now becoming the foundation for Polaroid’s comeback as a producer of Instant Cameras.

Large-scale production and worldwide sale of The Impossible Project’s new integral film materials under its own brand will already start in the beginning of 2010 – with a brand new and astonishing black and white Instant Film and the first colour films to follow in the course of the year.