No. We’ve taken great care to inform all interested authors regarding all the specifics related to our submission process, through this FAQ, through the submission webpage and e-mail confirmation messages after submission. We do not send personalized replies to authors who failed to understand these instructions, as there are simply too many photos going through our servers every day and we need to rely on automation in order to be able to manage this workload and keep up with the high quality of the selection process that makes BLUR what it is and why you like it.

Some people do find this approach cold or rude, although we sincerely don’t mean it that way at all. Please understand we’re read in, and receive submissions from, over 200 countries worldwide. As a volunteer project, we’re unable (and, honestly, unwilling) to set up a communication center just to inform people about things that are already clearly explained on our website. Thanks for understanding! :)

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