Gallery 36 submission questions

Where can I see the photos that I’ve just submitted?

Nowhere – yet. :) The photos you submit will not be published automatically. They will be subject to editorial review and published only if the BLUR editors decide the photos are in line with BLUR’s policy, quality requirements and any other editorial criteria, and this is not subject to discussion. Photos that are cleared by BLUR editors will be put up for public voting. Please see: for more related questions.


What is Gallery 36?

Previously Gallery 24, Gallery 36 was expanded from February 2013 to feature 36 uncategorized, unrelated photographs from different authors, selected by a) our editorial team and b) our readers on Facebook and our website in between two issues. It’s a place where creative authors can send their best and most inspiring photos they want to showcase – those with the biggest interest from our editors and the community combined will be featured. Bear in mind this is not where editorials/projects with dozens of thematically linked photos are published; Gallery 36 displays only a randomized selection made up of a single photo per author per issue.


What kind of photography do you publish in Gallery 36?

To get a feeling what’s usually published in Gallery 36, download our free PDF special edition BLUR GALLERY 2012 that contains all photos published in the (then) Gallery 24 section of BLUR throughout 2012. You’ll immediately notice we tend not to publish average photography, but almost always highly thought out, original and high-quality work meant to inspire and amaze. We don’t care about the technical aspects of these images, nor is the photo required to discuss a certain theme. In this regard, Gallery 36 is completely random – the only decisive factor is the overall quality and originality of the resulting image.


If my photo meets the Gallery 36 criteria, when can I expect it to be published?

Photos that were selected by our readers on Facebook and our website will be published in the first upcoming issue. However, there are always more photos suitable for publication than we’ve been able to enter into the current public voting round. The rest of the suitable photos will enter the public voting round for future issues, based on the decision of our photography editors. This makes Gallery 36 unpredictable and fun. We tend to spread out quality photographs over several issues rather than publish them in chronological order in which they were submitted.


How does the Gallery 36 selection process work?

Submit up to two of your best photos through our submission form to enter our editorial review process that selects a total of 24 photos for publication in the upcoming issue of BLUR. These photos are selected by our editors and is completely internal and not subject to discussion.

If the magic number 24 is already full, do not despair – your photos will also enter a BLUR community voting round, where our readers will select an additional 12 photos that will complement our editorial selection and constitute the final 36 photos that will be showcased in the Gallery 36 section of the next issue of BLUR magazine. You’re free to advertise your photo to your friends and family via Facebook and other social networks, and they’re free to register on our website and vote for your photos to help you improve your chances. But please do this responsibly and in a way not to hijack the voting process at the expense of other great authors that also deserve a shot at publication.