Editorial policy

What kind of photography do you avoid?

Art photography should in principle know no limits, and we tend to keep it that way. However, sensationalism, unsavory provocation on a national, religious, sexual or any other level of any group or individual, crude or graphic sexual content and any similar material will not be tolerated. BLUR is read in 200 countries worldwide and we take care not to publish anything that would be considered offending to the common sense standards of the international art community. Of course, this might seem subjective, but art always is.


Do you publish nude photography?

Yes. Nude photography is an important part of our photographic culture for more than a century and is by extension welcome in BLUR magazine. Of course, there is a clear distinction between the artistic portrayal of the nude human body and graphical pornographic content, which is not tolerated. However, we do accept images that depict genitalia, as well as aesthetically thoughtful imagery of the sexual act, as long as it’s done in a tasteful and artistic manner. Our editorial staff reserves the right to interpret such imagery independently and will not enter into any discussions over its decisions not to publish a certain photo.


Why do you request material well in advance for issues that will be published much later during the year?

There are many valid reasons for this. First and foremost, it helps us avoid production bottlenecks and assures we don’t miss production deadlines. BLUR is a volunteer project and we sometimes have difficulty organizing the entire staff at the same time. Keeping a healthy reserve of material on stock enables a worldwide team to organize their time more efficiently to get things done. Textual material needs to be proofread, graphically laid out and authorized by you – the photographer – before publication. All this requires time.

One other major reason for doing this is to ensure that BLUR remains colorful and unpredictable. We often mix up the content we receive from photographers in order to keep every issue interesting and fresh. We’re not overly worried about publishing photos chronologically and pay close attention not to degrade the overall quality of a future issue just because it’s summer, everyone is out partying and we receive fewer submissions. That’s why we sometimes keep really good stuff on ice for a future issue – simply thinking ahead.


Where can I see the photos that I’ve just submitted?

Nowhere – yet. :) The photos you submit will not be published automatically. They will be subject to editorial review and published only if the BLUR editors decide the photos are in line with BLUR’s policy, quality requirements and any other editorial criteria, and this is not subject to discussion. Photos that are cleared by BLUR editors will be put up for public voting. Please see: http://old.blur-magazine.com/faq/category/gallery-36 for more related questions.