Our philosophy

Although we’re a small & non-profit organization, we have a clear vision for BLUR since day one – disregard everything about photography except photography itself. We’re not impressed by your camera model or the focal length of your lens; the only thing we care about is how your photos look and, more importantly, how they make us feel. We believe emotion and striking visual impact is what great photography is all about. BLUR was born from our insatiable desire for photographic inspiration, rather than photographic tutorials, reviews or round-ups. We embarked on a long-term mission to work with photographers and editors around the globe to make this project truly international.

Our magazine

What is BLUR?

BLUR is a specialized digital magazine in PDF format devoted to creative international photography, unburdened with ads, technical information or photography equipment reviews. The artistic message of photography is our main interest and we try to keep that focus on each of the 180 pages we publish bimonthly.

What’s our mission?

Discovery! We strive to uncover, publish and promote creative photography with a strong author’s seal, regardless be it professional or amateur photography. We don’t care about the theme of the photo, only its general visual identity. If we consider it good, we want to show the world.

What’s our vision?

To become a destination where fans of creative photography can always find a rich and neverending archive of inspiration, unburdened with industry related content.


Who’s behind BLUR?

BLUR is published by Photography Associtaion Creatus (Fotografska Udruga Creatus, in Croatian), a non-governmental, non-for-profit organization founded in 2009 in Zagreb, Croatia. The magazine started off in the Croatian language before going global, so our organization still carries the depictive Croatian abbreviation F.U.C.*, which you may interpret at your own peril.

Our team

BLUR is created by photography enthusiasts and volunteers around the world. Our team members are based in Brasil, Canada, the USA, Germany, Japan and, of course, Croatia. The bulk of our work is done from Zagreb, but our international team is what truly makes this project possible.